Hotels In Konkan


Hotels in Konkan is the brain child of Active Bit Technologies, the winner of Business Excellence Award for Web Design and Development, in November 2013. With a passion for travel and skills for development, Active Bit Technologies have created this travel portal exclusively for Konkan area.

Well known for its website design, maintenance, and application of technology, Active Bit Technologies have combined all their strengths and years of experience in design, development, and business into one unique travel portal –

About Hotels in Konkan

The Hotels in Konkan website was first launched on 18th Jan 2012 on a trial basis. Since then, there has been a steady raise in the visitor count as well as holiday booking through our website. Today, it is a professional website with over 16  million hits, and large number of holiday bookings done through us.  We plan to take this forward in future as a corporate brand with a business model that is mutually beneficial to us and our associates.

This unique travel portal provides a simple, efficient, and vital service, specially dedicated to the Konkan area. There is a lot of thrust by the Government and other organizations to promote tourism.

Concept Behind (HIK)

The serenity and undisturbed beauty of the Konkan is an attraction that is gaining worldwide recognition, and drawing to its picturesque environs Indians, NRIs, and foreigners alike. We provide a large and comprehensive array of options to the discerning traveller, with the aim of enabling their complete and well rounded Konkan tour.

Our site is far more than just a database of hotels, luxury rooms, “home stay” options and resorts. It is a dedicated and meticulously well chosen presentation of all your personal holiday planning ideas that this region has to offer, right from adventure sports to special package tours, to the memories of those who have come before.

The Hotels in Konkan website covers all the hotels and restaurants in the Konkan area. The entire Konkan area is divided into regions and the places of stay in each region are grouped together facilitating ease of search and accessibility to a maximum number of hotels/restaurants in each region within Konkan, in a single click.

Promotion and Branding


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